Some of the Best Salmon Burgers

“Sourced from the cold waters of the Northern Pacific, our salmon is wild caught and carefully selected to make only the best quality burgers,” says the Whole Foods Whole Catch Alaskan Salmon Seafood Burgers box.


And wild is just the start. “Our seafood burgers are made with 100% pole & line caught fish, which ensures little to no bycatch,” Whole Foods told us in an e-mail. That’s good for marine life. “The product quality is superior because these fishing trips are very short and the fish is processed immediately upon landing,” the company noted. That may explain why the burgers taste so fresh and moist.

You don’t even need to season them. Just remove from the freezer and grill, sauté, or bake for 3 to 8 minutes per side. Add a whole-wheat bun, veggie side, and salad, and dinner is done.

Each 3.2 oz. burger comes with just 130 calories, but delivers 17 grams of protein and a low-for-salmon-burgers 190 milligrams of sodium. Bonus: salmon is rich in EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fats that may protect your heart.

Also at Whole Foods—but at Wegmans and Market Basket in the Northeast and Bristol Farms and Natural Grocers in the West as well—you’re likely to find Henry & Lisa’s delicious Wild Alaskan Salmon Burgers. (Pick up the original variety, not the saltier Teriyaki.) The company says that it gets its salmon from small operations that use sustainable fishing practices.

Neither brand is quite like catching your own fresh salmon…but they’re as close as you’re gonna get in the freezer case.

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Salmon Burgers


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