Mighty Quinn microwave popcorn

It’s “microwave popcorn reinvented” for so many reasons.

The popcorn is organic, the paper bag is compost-able, and the box is made of recycled materials. And Quinn packages its unsaturated oil and its seasoning in separate packets that you mix in after popping. Nice touch.


The oil bumps the calories up to 140 to 170 calories per serving, except for the oil-free Just Sea Salt flavor. But if you use half the oil packet, all six of the other (still delicious) flavors are good options.

Quinn Popcorn
A bonus: you can trace the origin of your popcorn by entering its batch number on the company website. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone did that?


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  1. I have been trying to find a healthy microwave popcorn! I’m using Pop Weaver now and it’s trans fat free, but the Quinn sounds even better. I know my regular grocery doesn’t carry it, but Fred Meyer has a large health food section that I’ll check out. Thank you for posting this hopeful, healthful information!

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