The not-too-sweet greek yogurt that’s worth a try

Call it the yogurt dilemma: For some people, plain is too tart, and blended or fruit on the bottom is too sweet.

What to do? “Consumers who are sugar conscious now tend to eat plain yogurt and add their own toppings,” Chobani’s chief marketing officer told Food Navigator in November.

Or they add some plain yogurt to a tub of fruit yogurt.

What they’re looking for, noted the yogurt exec, is “a low sugar, high-protein option with flavor.”

Enter Chobani A Hint of. It combines 2% milk, just enough sugar to add (spoiler alert) a hint of sweetness, and some fruit purée. The result: a delicious lower-sugar greek yogurt with no questionable sweeteners or stevia (which leaves an aftertaste for some people).

Whether you get the Madagascar Vanilla & Cinnamon, the Gili Cherry, or the Alphonso Mango (our favorites), or the Monterey Strawberry or Wild Blueberry, you’re talking 110 to 120 calories, 12 grams of protein, and 15 percent of a day’s calcium in a 5.3 oz. tub. Not too shabby.

And the teaspoon (we estimate) of added sugar is about half what you’d get in a Chobani Fruit on the Bottom or Blended tub.

Tastewise, it’s as advertised: a little sweet, a little tart, and perfectly creamy.

If you live on the West or East Coast, you can pick some up today. Elsewhere, you’ll have to wait until July.

So go ahead. Take a Hint.

Photo: Jen Urban/CSPI.

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