This Kit Makes Eating More Vegetables a Snap

Looking for a new and easy way to serve veg­gies? Mann’s has your number, with its Snap Pea Sensations.

Choose from Asian Sesa­me (which comes with soy ginger dressing and sesame seeds) or Mediterranean Style (with basil garlic dressing and parmesan cheese). Mmm.

A 1½-cup serving has just 60 calories (Asian) or 100 calories (Mediterranean) and 2 or 3 grams of fiber. It also supplies 90 percent of a day’s vitamin C, 20 percent of a day’s vitamin A, and 10 percent of a day’s folate and iron.

And Mann’s doesn’t smother its peas in salt. With dressing, a serving delivers just 135 milligrams of sodium.

Prep? Couldn’t be easier.

You can go cold (empty snap peas in bowl, add dressing and sesame seeds or parmesan, and toss) or hot (follow the bag’s five simple steps for a two-minute sauté).

You can also make that side dish a main by adding sautéed tofu, chicken, shrimp, or another protein.

Mann’s website offers recipes for a huge list of vegetables that the company markets—from broccolini to brussels sprouts to butternut squash.

“Healthy Cooking Made Easy!” says the package. Mann, did they nail it!

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  1. I think that this is the brand that suggests piercing the plastic bag and microwaving contents. I don’t like the idea of cooking in plastic so I transfer to a covered dish. The green beans are delicious with nothing added.

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