Tofu is firming up

Why “super firm” tofu is worth a try

“Super firm” or “high protein” tofu is denser than water-packed tofu, so it can go straight from package to pan, with no draining or pressing. Simply open, then cube or slice.

Look for a vacuum-packed brand like Wildwood Organic, Trader Joe’s, or Hodo Organic.

Bonus: Less water in super firm tofu means that you get more protein per bite or per serving (15 grams in roughly three ounces of Wildwood’s) than you’d get from water-packed firm (8 grams) or extra-firm (9 grams) tofu.

Not too shabby for 140 calories’ worth of plant protein that’s low in saturated fat and easier on the planet than red meat, poultry, cheese, or any other animal protein. And tofu also supplies some iron, magnesium, and healthy fat.

Tofu soaks up whatever flavors you add to it, and goes from pan to plate in minutes. It’s easy to cook…yet hard to overcook. Curry? Stir-fry? Tacos? Done and dusted.

Use super-firm tofu in any recipe that calls for firm or extra-firm. A great place to start: a succulent Shiitake Tofu Stir-Fry from The Healthy Cook, Kate Sherwood. doesn’t accept any paid advertising or corporate or government funding. Any products recommended by have been vetted by our staff and are not advertisements by the manufacturers.
Photo: Jennifer Urban/CSPI.

The information in this post first appeared in the April 2019 issue of Nutrition Action Healthletter.

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