What to Eat: Go Meatless in the Lunch Meat Aisle

With veggie “meats,” you don’t have to worry about nitrites (though some are smoked). And the sodium is typically 300 to 400 mg per serving, which is less than most lunch meats. What’s more, all the ones we found have at least as much protein as meat (13 to 16 grams in 2 oz.), thanks to their wheat gluten and/or soy protein.


The problem: many people find veggie meats chewy or odd-tasting. But if you like them, they are a good alternative to your typical lunch meats.

Tip: try zingier varieties like Tofurky Peppered, and layer them with crispy vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, and radishes, with a swipe of mayo or mustard. Or try Beyond Meat Chicken- Free Strips. They’re not slices, but they may please some palates. (Don’t forget the crispy veggies.)

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Tofurkey Peppered Deli Slices

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