Wondering What to Eat for Breakfast? Try Quaker’s Quick-Cooking Steel Cut Oats

“100% steel cut oats that are expertly cut to cook quickly while still preserving the hearty texture and rich, nutty taste of a whole oat,” says the canister.

“Now you can enjoy the robust texture and flavor of steel cut oatmeal on even the busiest mornings.”


Anyone who’s had steel cut oats knows how delicious they are. (They may also raise blood sugar less than instant oatmeal because they take longer to break down.)

The problem: most steel cuts need 20 to 30 minutes to cook. That’s fine for a lazy Sunday, but when you’re rushed or late, it’s a deal-breaker. Until now. Quaker’s new Quick 3-Minute Steel Cut Oats are cut smaller, so they take just 3 minutes in the microwave or 5 minutes on the stove.

Each serving (about 1 cup cooked) has 170 calories, 6 grams of protein, and 4 grams of intact, unprocessed fiber. Bonus: it’s the kind of fiber that helps lower cholesterol.

Quaker isn’t the first company to make quicker-cooking steel cut oats. Brands like Bob’s Red Mill and McCann’s (they take 4 to 7 minutes) have been around for a while. Ounce for ounce, their numbers pretty much match Quaker’s. Take your pick.

Sugar and salt are nowhere to be found. Instead, flavor your oatmeal with toasted almond slivers and bananas or dried apricots. Or try diced apple, cinnamon, and raisins. Or diced pear, walnuts, and nutmeg.

Got a better idea? Make up your own oat cuisine.

To find one of these quick-cooking steel cut oats either call the companies or visit their websites:

quakeroats.com—(800) 367-6287
bobsredmill.com—(800) 349-2173
mccanns.ie—(866) 958-6287

Quaker Steel Cut Oats

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4 Replies to “Wondering What to Eat for Breakfast? Try Quaker’s Quick-Cooking Steel Cut Oats”

  1. Earlier this year I bought some small thermos flasks that have a folding spoon under there cap. My approach for a quick to make and healthy breakfast is to mix 1/3 cup steel cut oats, a handful of raisins and a cup of boiling water in the flask, then head off to work. Two hours later I have a yummy hot breakfast waiting for me that took minutes to make.

  2. It’s always nice when a company makes healthy easier, but doesn’t anyone use a crock pot anymore? Put in the oats on low when you go to bed and breakfast is ready when you get up.

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