What to Eat: 10 Best Foods Revealed in New Report by Nutrition Experts

APRIL 2, 2014 – WASHINGTON, D.C. Ten super foods have been named by a group of expert scientists and nutritionists as the top foods, with nutrients that deliver better health. To create this list, the staff at Nutrition Action, published by the nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), examined and tested a wide variety of basic foods and have determined which are the best foods around. These 10 foods are revealed in their new report What to Eat: 10 Best Foods.

When consumers ask “What should I eat?” or “How can I choose a healthier diet?” this super-food list will help guide consumers toward everyday healthy eating.

Topping the list are sweet potatoes and mangoes. And, at least one food on this list will probably surprise you—watermelon? It’s a heavyweight when it comes to specific nutrients like potassium and lycopene, for example.

For the complete list of the 10 best foods, you can download What to Eat: 10 Best Foods for free.

This new report from Nutrition Action provides free health advice, so you can add these best foods to your regular grocery shopping list, because this advice will help you stay focused—day in and day out—on the best foods for your health.

“We want consumers to have the knowledge that empowers them to choose a healthier diet, to avoid diet-related diseases such as stroke, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and heart disease,” says Dr. Michael F. Jacobson, Publisher and Executive Editor of Nutrition Action and founder of Center for Science in the Public Interest. “With specific food advice like this, you can protect yourself against those diseases—and sometimes even cure yourself of them.”

“And What to Eat: 10 Best Foods isn’t just a top-ten list. You won’t be told ‘Just eat this or that.’ You’ll discover exactly why each food makes the list—what specific nutritional benefit is contained in each. Plus, you’ll learn a few quick cooking and preparation tips, so you’ll know exactly how to enjoy these healthful foods,” Jacobson adds.

Nutrition Action doesn’t accept advertising or industry money, and its candid reviews and advice are well known for being reliable and independent. Visit the Web site: NutritionAction.com

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