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Dear health-conscious consumer,

You should have the latest life-saving information about the foods you eat. And that’s why we’ve developed this Web site,®. So you can get candid, reliable, and useful information from our nutritionists and scientists…

Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D.

Michael F. Jacobson, Ph.D.
Founder and Executive Editor

Dear health-conscious consumer,

You should have the latest life-saving information about the foods you eat. And that’s why we’ve developed this Web site,®. So you can get candid, reliable, and useful information from our nutritionists and scientists…

Current Nutrition Action Daily Tips

Memorial Day Grilling Tips to Avoid Burned Meat Carcinogens

Keep your Memorial Day barbecues light and healthy by using these tips to avoid burned meat on the grill

Enjoy a safer Memorial Day weekend by not overcooking your meat or poul­try. The browner it is, the more likely that it contains a group of compounds called heterocyclic amines (HCAs) which may raise the risk of cancer. This Memorial Day, in the name of health, avoid eating and serving burned meat to your guests.

“Heterocyclic amines are formed when meats are cooked to well done at high temperatures,” explains Amanda Cross, formerly at the U.S. National Cancer Institute. “Animal studies showed that they are carcinogenic.”   Read More

The Best Fish for Your Health and the Earth

Seven popular fish and finding a balance between the best fish for your health and for your dinner table

Which seafood choices are good for you…and the planet? There are plenty of reasons to be wary of seafood, such as possible PCBs, mercury, antibiotic residues, dioxins, sea lice in ocean pens, leveled mangrove forests, and depleted fish stocks.

But there also are plenty of reasons to eat it. People who consume more seafood have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers aren’t sure if that’s because of DHA and EPA, the omega-3 fats in fish, or because seafood eaters do other things to protect their health. Still, seafood is low in saturated fat and rich in protein…and flavor.   Read More

Celiac Disease Symptoms: Sorting Out Gluten-Free Confusion

A Gastroenterologist explains how to decipher whether you have celiac disease symptoms or symptoms of gluten intolerance

Stomach pain, diarrhea, weight loss. Those are some celiac disease symptoms, which is an autoimmune reaction to gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye.

At least one out of 100 Americans have celiac. Most of them don’t know it. And studies suggest that some people who don’t have the disease still can’t tolerate gluten and will experience celiac disease symptoms. Here’s the latest on a problem that is causing much confusion.   Read More

Don’t Take Diabetes Advice From Strangers

Looking for diabetes advice in all the wrong places? Don't be fooled—take this advice instead.

Maybe you have diabetes. Maybe your blood glucose isn’t that high yet, but it’s starting to rise.

You’ve read that losing weight is the best way to get your blood sugar down. And you’d like to shed those 15 or 25 extra pounds. Maybe you’ll start next week.

Then the online ad catches your eye. A “breakthrough”… “secrets the medical establishment doesn’t want you to see”…diabetes advice from researchers with a “moral duty” to get the word out about their “miracle cure.”

That’s worth 30 bucks, right?
  Read More

How to Avoid Cancer: Reducing Your Risk for 9 Different Cancers

Reduce your risk factors and learn how to avoid cancer through changes in diet, weight loss and exercise habits specific to nine different types of cancer

One in three women. One in two men.That’s how many of us can expect to be diagnosed with cancer in our lifetimes. Of course, those are averages. A smoker is 25 times more likely to get lung cancer than a nonsmoker. Tobacco alone accounts for about a third of all cancer deaths in the U.S. Back when cigarettes were still deemed healthy, people weren’t worrying about how to avoid cancer nearly as much.
But smoking isn’t the only preventable cause of cancer. Experts estimate that we could dodge up to a third of all cancers by eating healthier, eating less, and moving more.

No one can guarantee that you won’t get cancer. But you can lower your cancer risk.   Read More

Easy Healthy Salad Recipes That Won’t Leave You Hungry

Never go hungry while eating salad again—try our protein-packed healthy salad recipes and stay full longer

Salad and spring. Even the words sound great together. Now try salad and supper. Even better. Because salad for supper is an excellent healthy choice, especially as we enter summer. And what better way to get a huge helping of leafy greens and some protein at the same time?

Here are three easy healthy salad recipes that fit the bill brilliantly. They’re scrumptious, and with enough protein to be the center of your meal.   Read More

Healthy Things to Eat for Lunch at Your Favorite “Fast Casual” Restaurants

Nutrition facts for Panera, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Corner Bakery so you can find healthy things to eat for lunch anywhere you go

Remember when fast food meant a burger and fries, pizza, or tacos? Remember when sandwiches were tuna, egg salad, or ham & swiss? That was so 20th century. There are now healthy things to eat for lunch, even on the go!   Read More

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