Have you spotted Thomcord grapes yet?

It’s Thomcord grape season…but it won’t be for long.

What are Thomcords? The tastiest grapes you’ve never heard of.

Like Concord grapes, they’re juicier and more intensely grape-flavored than the red or green grapes you can buy year-round. But Concords have small, crunchy seeds, which may explain why they often end up as grape juice or jelly.

Enter USDA’s grape-breeding scientists. In 1983, they crossed Thompson (seedless green) grapes with Concords…then spent nearly two decades fine-tuning the hybrid. The result: the seedless sweetness of a green grape with the plump, grapey flesh of a Concord.

Tip: When you’re sweating through the summer heat, try freezing any type of grapes. A short stint in your freezer, and any grape variety turns into an icy sweet treat.

Grapes may not measure up to, say, nutrient-packed watermelon or mango, but most varieties offer a smattering of B vitamins, vitamin K, and potassium, all for just 100-or-so calories per cup.

Look for Thomcords at farmers markets, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, or other grocery stores, where they’re sometimes called Grape Jammers. But don’t wait. Thomcords are only around from late July through September or October.

So get ’em while it’s hot!

Photo: Brandt Farms.

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